Our idea platform works well for team leaders, who want to enable asynchronous collaboration for idea exploration and generation ahead of a team meeting. Our platform lets you start to frame the opportunity, and raise questions for further research, as well as ideate possible solutions to the challenges you’re exploring before people meet in person. People will arrive primed on the topics and challenges of the day.

When they arrive, they can see print outs of what people put into the platform earlier. If they were unable to do that, then now they can build upon the previous work and move forward from there. The aim of the platform is simple, improving collaboration and inclusion from first challenge identification through to prototyping.

It does everything a chalkboard can, and more. Go have a look at the platform at http://ideas.codethecity.co.uk

We’re in a very small closed Beta phase currently, if you are working on an interesting project with a collaboration group of engaged and varied stakeholders please complete the form below to request early access.

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