Aberdeen needs more digital and entrepreneurial infrastructure, and data driven businesses. Following the general networking during the beer, soft drinks and pizza at the start of our June meet up we heard about both of these topics.

Graeme Gordon, CEO of IFB,  and Vice Chair of Opportunity North East (ONE)’s Digital and Entrepreneurship programme, explained how software stitches together all of the other programmes covered by ONE. He explained how this fits in with the ScotlandIS tech industry survey, which shows that 12% of Scotland’s digital companies are based in Aberdeen. This exceeds the 5% in Dundee, and is a bit short of the 18% in Glasgow. Edinburgh is well ahead with 40% of these businesses. With the new ONECodeBase being set up in Aberdeen in the near future, there will be a place to incubate new digital businesses, and help the current ones grow to meet ONE’s goal of 15-20 £30bn digital firms in Aberdeen which would create a strong cluster to grow other businesses too.

Dr. Eyad Elyan of RGU told us how data science is all about ‘learning from data’ and illustrated this with a case study of how his team applied Machine Learning and AI, using Computer Vision in order to analyse engineering drawings. This let them start to compare the details of what was represented in the drawings so the firm could learn more.

Both talks led to good discussion afterwards and we look forward to a ‘community open data’ session next month.

We are extremely grateful to both MBN Solutions and DataLab for supporting this new venture.

You can find details of our forthcoming data meet-ups here.

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