We were frustrated that Aberdeen had no regular data meet-ups, so we started one!

With support from MBN Solutions and Data Lab Scotland, and a great great venue at 210 Bistro in Aberdeen, we kicked off our monthly data meet-ups with two invited speakers.

The first presentation was by Inez Hogarth of Broker Insights. Inez explained the process of creating a data-influenced culture in your organisation

The second talk was by Bob Clint and Amy Watson of Spiritus. They explained their work in Open Data, Distributed Ledgers, and the Oil and Gas Industry – exploring the intersection of blockchain technology with analytics and open data, and their implications for Oil and Gas. They also touched on the application of these technologies for the Health sector, something they are also working on.

The attendees were extremely interested in both topics, and with loads of pertinent questions we ran way past the intended finish time.

We are extremely grateful to both MBN Solutions and DataLab for supporting this new venture.

You can find details of our forthcoming data meet-ups here.



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