Using Lego in Workshops

Lego play

At our co-design sessions we sometimes use Lego bricks with our workshops. What?!? I hear you saying. We’re not kids, why should we use Lego at professional events? Well, there’s lots of good reasons to use Lego bricks in workshops.

We use the Lego bricks as part of the Lego Serious Play process to tease out ideas from participants. After they’ve been thinking and writing on post it notes, having them build a few models to illustrate the combination of their ideas as a physical object makes it easier to share their ideas with others. Each person tells the story of their model to the others in their group, who then can ask questions about the model. As this is ‘just a model’ it doesn’t have to be perfect. It just has to capture the key qualities the person wants to emphasise. From this state we can also build on these ideas more with either more post its, or by building more models to represent more aspects of the issue and its context.

The key to this is the power of the Lego Serious Play approach, which include the following:

  1. It’s not words so it’s easier to capture the essence of the idea and develop it further.
  2. It’s visual and thus easier to share with others.
  3. It is easier to build on each other’s ideas.
  4. It is playful, and thus speeds up the ideation process, and is more memorable so you’ll remember more compared to using only written words in the session.

You can find out more about using the Lego Serious Play process in with CTC events, and about the LSP facilitation training  on my other blog. Get in touch too if you’d like us to use LSP in a workshop with you.